Lupita - sculptural sinamay headpiece

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'Lupita' references art-deco and bauhaus in its clean, modern lines and curves.  It's ideal for weddings, races and will even bring that beaded nineteen-twenties dress languishing in your wardrobe right up to the twentyfirst century for a cocktail party.

Light as a feather and steady as a rock.  This headpiece floats just above its attachment hair band, so you won't get 'hat-hair' or that annoying red line across your forehead.  As light and comfortable as it is, once you put the band on your head and loop the elastic around the back of your head at the nape, this hat is going nowhere! You could do cartwheels and 'Lupita' will stay put.  You can simply forget you're wearing a hat and enjoy the occasion.

Please select 'wear on left' or 'wear on right' in the drop down menu.  As a guide, whichever side you generally part your hair on is usually the side a hat looks best on.

If you let us know your hair colour, we will match the band to it.

Finally select colour of your headpiece.